12 Positives to Focus on During Quarantine

All the bad news makes sensational headlines, so I hardly watch the news.  The media is saturated with COVID 19 updates right now and I really wish good news had a bigger space in the media.  There are very few reports on COVID 19 recoveries but every time I catch the news they are reporting death tolls with no definite answer as to when normalcy will be an option.  I’ve used this time of uncertainty for spiritual practice by keeping greater faith than fear and looking for positives during this time of gloom.  Once you start finding the good in ANY situation, life hits differently.  So I came up with 12 positives to focus on during this pandemic.  

Opportunity for Spiritual Growth

Prayer is talking to God and meditation is listening to God; I believe both are essential to allow open communication with your higher power.  Now is also a good time to create new rituals since the churches are closed. 


More Time for Self Care

All non-essential businesses have closed so that eliminates several options for self care such as the spa, beauty salon, etc.  But there are many other ways to practice self care from the comfort of your home.  Take a Goddess bath.  Learn a new recipe. Do some home exercises.  Declutter your physical and mental space.  Write in your journal.  The list goes on… 

More Time to Create

Entrepreneurs, including myself, are being pushed to new heights in order to sustain their businesses during this time.  The best place to hangout or do business is the internet until further notice, and people are getting creative with their virtual parties, podcast shows, and live streams.  I’ve been focusing on online marketing, growing my personal brand, and creating more content.  I wasn’t able to publish any new blog posts in 2020 until March so I’m thankful to be able to get back in the flow of doing what I love.  I also created a GlowUp kit for my subscribers which includes a budget template, gratitude journal, and goal setting worksheet.  You can subscribe here.

The GlowUp Kit

Chance to Rest

It’s ok to take naps!  In fact, if you do nothing more than simply survive this pandemic that’s ok, too!  Take advantage of this time to rest your body and recharge.

Extra Family Time

I have appreciated this extra time with my kids and now I know what it feels like to be a stay at home mom!  I love that we have been able to enjoy more meals together.  My daughters are completing the school year online, so I’ve also been more hands on with their education.

Reading Time

Reading has been fundamental to my personal development and I like to read at least one book per month.  My favorite books are self help or spiritual.  If you’re looking for some recommendations- “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle was a great guide to spiritual enlightenment and Jen Sincero’s “You Are a Badass” really taught me HOW to start loving myself more.  

Less Pollution

The world is sick, but it is healing.  The air and water is cleaner as a result of all the closings and travel restrictions.  Animals are also reappearing in their natural habitats, and I don’t know about you but I find a lot of comfort in that.  I hope that moving forward everyone is more protective of our planet.

More Innovation

Schools and businesses are becoming more innovative, especially with technology,  in order to maintain productivity.  For example, many companies are offering work from home and using the Zoom app for virtual meetings.  The internet has become a utility that allows us to accomplish more with fewer resources. 

Working from Home
Working from Home

Spend Less Money

Hopefully people are saving more money on gas and eating out since we are staying home.  Now is also a great time to go over your budget and trim unnecessary expenses, subscriptions etc.  

Focus on Better Eating Habits

Since many of us are cooking more meals at home, it’s the perfect time to create better eating habits.  Drink more water.  Try a smoothie for breakfast instead of coffee.  Cut back on processed foods.  Meal prep and be more selective and mindful of what you are putting on the grocery list.  

Enjoy Nature

Connecting with nature is not only therapeutic, it is spiritual.  Grounding is a technique that electrically reconnects you with the Earth.  The moon cycles and seasonal changes are spiritual reminders as well.

Reality Check

COVID 19 has completely changed our way of life and crippled the economy, but I hope we never go back to the way we were before.  I hope people are kinder, more patient, more loving, and more mindful.  It may feel like we are at the mercy of coronavirus but I believe God is working overtime for our higher good.  The same can be said for the essential workers and healthcare professionals who are fighting coronavirus on the front lines.  THANK YOU.  This pandemic is a huge test of faith, and I pray that all of humanity receives the message that the Universe has for us.

Stay healthy & stay safe ya’ll.  We’re going to get through this together. 

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