13 Family Rituals That Create Strong Bonds

Family means more to me than anything and I am so blessed and privileged to be a mom of three amazing kids.  I want to build a strong foundation for us and create memories we will never forget, so I make family time mandatory.  I live a very busy life consisting of work, motherhood, housework, my blog, extra curricular activities, and a sprinkle of me time.  I have to wear many hats but I’m learning how to be present in the moment. Sometimes that means putting my phone away and giving my undivided attention to whatever it is I’m doing.  Out of all the things I do spending quality time with family is the most sacred. And I’m going to share ways with you to make the most of that time.

family rituals

Clean the house together  

I know you’re probably surprised that I consider cleaning together a family ritual, but hear me out..  My family gets more accomplished when we clean up together as a family unit.  My kids are much more enthusiastic about household chores when we do it as a team. I even make it fun by dancing and playing music and it feels great to bond and be productive at the same time!

Make time to cuddle

I have kids ages 10 and below, so cuddling is still something we all love to do!  Sometimes the four of us just pile up on the couch with blankets, napping and watching cartoons on a lazy Sunday.  It’s one of the best feelings ever, and even baby Jase chills out when it’s cuddle time.

Find projects to do together

I recently bought a tie-dye kit so my kids and I could make our own tie dye shirts!  It was so much fun! Click here to learn how me and my daughters made our own t-shirts step by step.

Have family night

Take a family vote on what to do on family night if everyone can’t come to an agreement.  My kids and I try to stick to having family night once a week. This can be something as simple as netflix and chill or going out to dinner.  Other suggestions include going to the movies, roller skating, or going out for ice cream.

Have game night

You can’t go wrong with game night!  My kids and I have collected games like Uno, Monopoly, Jenga, Bop It, and Kids vs Parents.  You could even go to the bowling alley to bowl a couple games.

Read bedtime stories

This is a habit I would like to form with my kids a few times a week.  This would especially benefit my youngest two children, ages 6 ½ and 1 ½. Studies show that reading aloud strengthens a child’s social and emotional development among other cognitive benefits.  Reading bedtime stories is a great way to end the day connected with your family.

Share one thing you’re grateful for

Gratitude keeps blessings flowing and expressing it openly is a great family ritual to keep everyone grounded.  There is always someone who has it worse and these gentle reminders help keep us centered in good energy. Be grateful for all you have and all that is to come.

Pray together

Prayer works and God listens.  Anyone who is connected with the universe will tell you the same.  Pray before meals and before bed. Pray before traveling and when you wake up in the morning.  Pray during the good times and the bad. Pray whenever your family needs it. This is also a good time to express gratitude to God and the universe.

Take family vacations at least once per year

Many memories are created at home, but family vacations are like the highlight of the year.  Last year for my birthday, I took my kids to Savannah, GA for a beach vacation on Tybee Island.  We stayed at a resort close to historic Savannah where there were tons of little shops and restaurants.  It was also the first time I flew anywhere with all my kids! It was exhausting but extremely worth it.

Savannah, GA 2018
5 Travel Secrets for Family Road Trips
Orlando, FL 2019

Have family meetings

Family meetings allow families to come together for family discussions.  It could be a quick meeting for reminders or problems that may have built up throughout the week needing mediation.  One family member could come to the meeting with a written agenda. This could also be a good time to make grocery lists or any other lists for supplies the family needs.

Fill a kid’s room with love notes and balloons

I host birthday parties for all my kids every year, but I want to start making birthdays and holidays a more personal celebration at home.  One great idea is filling a kid’s room with balloons to wake up to on the morning of their birthday. Another family ritual could be cutting out hearts and writing love notes on them to tape to a kid’s bedroom door on Valentine’s Day.

Picnics at the park or in the backyard

One of the perks of homeownership is a backyard, which is the perfect space to gather for family rituals.  Food always brings people together and family picnics during the summer will create lasting memories. I love an old fashioned picnic, with a blanket and a huge spread for sandwiches, fruit, and snacks.  Bonfires are also a perfect setting for family bonding.

Volunteer/serve together

Giving back to the community is a great way to spend family time.  A few examples include cleaning up parks or neighborhoods or being a server at a soup kitchen.  When my work schedule allows it I volunteer to be a chaperone for school field trips which is always a special way to spend time with my kids.

Family first is my motto and parenting is my greatest responsibility in life.  I want my kids to look back on their childhood and cherish the little things we have done together to show our love and appreciation for one another.  I want their memories to be rich with the experiences we share together. To me, that’s what life is all about…

Wouldn’t you agree?

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