21 Success Habits You’ll Need in 2020

2020 will be the year of the GlowUp for women across the world! “Congratulations”, “You got the job”, “You paid off the debt”, and much more good news is coming your way.  You are about to have breakthrough after breakthrough.  The past ten years have really flown by and so much life has happened. Think about all the lessons, memories, losses, gains, and challenges you have faced. What has changed since ten years ago?  What has stayed the same? 

#Decadechallenge was just trending on Twitter and it really took me down memory lane.  My oldest daughter is 11 now, so ten years ago I was a new mom trying to figure out my life.  A lot can happen in a year, but how much wisdom have you gained from the last ten?  There are so many possibilities going into the next decade and I’m excited for what’s to come. 

It’s time to elevate to the next level: spiritually, mentally, and financially.  

Over the past year I have been releasing bad habits, traumas, toxic relationships, and anything that no longer serves my purpose.  I have faced some ugly truths but my personal growth journey has been enlightening.  Becoming spiritually in tune with my inner Goddess helped me to realize my power.  As a result, I have grown exponentially in a year because I show up with God and a purpose everyday.  I also invest in myself and the returns have been infinite.  I love the woman I’m becoming!

The secret to success depends on how you define success, and there is no right or wrong answer.  Success does not look the same for everyone.  Take a moment and visualize the highest version of yourself.  Think about the qualities she possesses. No matter what path you choose, there are certain success habits that will elevate you to the next level and I created a list of them.  My success formula will work like magic if applied consistently.  But first, I encourage you to take a moment and ask yourself a few questions so you can enter the new year with 20/20 vision:

What are your goals/intentions for 2020?  WHY is success important to you?  What bad habits do you need to drop in order to be successful?  What great ideas have you been holding off on?  If you don’t start now, when?

Success Habits

1.  Write down your goals

When you write your goals, they turn into plans.  Plans turn into actions.  This is a very simple yet major key to success.  Be specific with dates, timelines, amounts, etc.  Written goals manifest quicker than a hope and a wish. 

2.  Read everyday

Successful people have the habit of reading everyday.  Start with one book per month and then one book per week, or 30 pages a day.  Reading expands and lubricates the mind.

3.  Make your health a priority

Health is wealth.  Prioritize your physical and mental health above all else.  Eat healthy foods.  Drink plenty of water.  This is so important to your overall wellbeing.

4.  Practice Meditation

My goal is to practice meditation daily.  Meditation nourishes the mind and creates peace and stillness.  It helps with anxiety and overthinking.  Often times your best ideas follow meditation.


5.  Love yourself

Some people do not know how to innately love themselves.  It is deeper than physical appearance.  Love yourself inside and out.  I learned to love myself by experiencing the love of God and reading self help books.

6.  Start writing in a journal

I love writing whatever comes to mind in my journal.  It’s like a mini therapy session that unravels my thoughts.  It’s a great place to write down goals, too!


7.  Start doing more of what you love

Most people spend most of their time working jobs that they don’t even like.  Do yourself a favor by doing more of what you love.  Creative hobbies will keep you inspired.

8.  Create and maintain a positive environment

Stay away from the naysayers and negative nancy’s.  You also may want to unfollow/remove social media accounts that do not add value to your feed.  The content you consume shapes your mindset.  A positive mindset is a positive life.  Surround yourself with people who are doing better than you because they will inspire you and share their knowledge.

9.  Use a calendar/planner

It’s so important to stay organized when juggling multiple kids and/or businesses.  Planning out your day is a great way to show up with intent.  I have daily to-do lists, appointments, and reminders written in my planner. 

10.  Set boundaries

You can’t keep everyone close; not everyone deserves access to your energy.  Some people will throw you off course if you allow it.  Set boundaries that are powered by self love.

11.  Save money

Pay yourself first; a part of all you earn should be yours to keep.  Paying yourself is just as important as paying any other bill.  It’s smart to have an emergency fund, a short term savings, and a long term savings account.

12.  Be generous

Be a giver.  Give gifts, donate food and clothes, leave tips, and volunteer your time.  There are so many ways to give back to the world and God will bless you for being generous.

13.  Express gratitude

What are you grateful for?  Think about it, write it down, or say it aloud.  Make it a habit to express gratitude daily.  The universe responds favorably to those who do.

14.  Plan for your financial future

Start thinking about how much money you would need to retire comfortably.  Educate yourself about money.  Budget your money.  What are some of your short term and long term financial goals?  Do you have life insurance?  Are you starting a college fund for your kids?  Financial planning is a major key to success.

15.  Start a business

There are so many incentives to starting your own business.  Being a business owner gives you a chance to earn what you’re worth.  An employer puts a cap on your wages, no matter how hard you work.  Find a way to make money doing what you love.

16.  Optimize your time

Stop telling yourself there aren’t enough hours in the day, and just make the most of the time you do have.  Wake up earlier or stay up later if you have to.  Plan your day out and be mindful about what you spend your time doing.  Don’t just be busy, be productive.

17.  Have a pleasing personality

Smile more.  Show interest in others.  Serve others.  Radiate positive vibes.  This is especially important if you are in sales or business.

18.  Invest now

The sooner you invest, the sooner compounding interest can work its magic.  There are many ways to invest your money, just know what it is you are investing in.  You can contribute 5-10% of your income to a 401k.  You can invest in stocks and mutual funds.  Real estate investing is also a great wealth building strategy.  The point of investing is for your money to make money.

19.  Discipline yourself

Discipline means sacrificing what you want now for what you want most.  Be willing to delay gratification to reach long term goals.  You can discipline yourself by being persistent, waking up as soon as the alarm goes off, and sticking to budgets and routines.

20.  Form a master mind 

Build a network of successful professionals that will help you along your journey.  The key players on your team may vary depending on your chosen path.  A few examples might include an attorney, an accountant, a life coach, a business consultant, an investor, etc.

21.  Have Faith

Understand that anything you can create in your mind, you can manifest into reality.  Believe in yourself.  Have faith in God and keep greater faith than fear.  Your power lies within.

This post is for motivational/educational purposes only.  What you get out of life is determined by what you put into it.  I would love to know what your major goal is for next year.  I have such a great feeling about 2020 and wish you nothing but success on your journey.  Feel free to show your support by sharing this with a friend.  Let’s elevate!


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