5 Travel Secrets for Family Road Trips

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Summer is finally here!  I’m currently staying at a resort in Orlando, FL with my family and kids.  We really needed this quality time to just enjoy each other’s presence. My family travels to Florida often, and this year Universal Studios was our main attraction.  I much rather fly to Florida from Kentucky, but my family tends to prefer road trips. It’s 11 of us here altogether, including my mom, grandparents, aunt, and so on. You wouldn’t believe we got through 12 hours on the road pretty easily even with 5 kids as passengers, including a toddler!  Do you want to know our travel secrets? Keep reading and I will tell you how we did it!

Early departure

My family got on the road at 4am!  This meant all the kids slept for almost half of the drive.  We also reached our destination at a decent hour. Designate the early risers to drive for the first part of your road trip.  Personally, I can’t drive for long in the dark. I get sleepy easily and also have a tough time seeing at night. Shoutout to my mom for doing most of our drive.

Be prepared

We traveled with two teenagers and my three kids.  The older kids were content with playing games and listening to music on their iphones.  But my middle child, Jenesis, is 7 and requires a little more attention. We went to the library before we left home and got her the Junie B book series so she could read while riding.  She also had to pack her LOL dolls because she never goes anywhere without them! Every time we stopped I made sure she used the restroom because she always has to go! My toddler, Jase, loves to eat so it was important that we hand plenty of snacks for him!  We brought a couple of toys to keep him entertained on the road and he also likes to watch ABC songs on youtube. Proper preparation made for a successful road trip.

Create an itinerary

As many times as my family has been to Florida, we never got to check out Universal Studios!  As we were planning for our vacation, we created an itinerary based on what everyone wanted to do each day while we were there.  Universal was high up on the list, and going to the beach is always a must. The other 3 or 4 days were basically free days to take advantage of all the things to do on the resort.

Here are a few pics we took at Universal Studios.  (Baby Jase isn’t in any of the pictures, he visited with his dad’s family for the week).

5 Travel Secrets for Family Road Trips
5 Travel Secrets for Family Road Trips
5 Travel Secrets for Family Road Trips
5 Travel Secrets for Family Road Trips

We had such an amazing experience at Universal Studios and the weather was perfect.  One of our favorite spots in the park was The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!  If you are a Harry Potter fan it’s a must that you check it out!  Everything looked exactly how I envisioned it from the books, and was identical to the movies.  It was so cool and we even enjoyed a firework show at the end of the night!

Cocoa Beach was also fun & beautiful!  We found a spot right by the pier that had a bar, live band, restaurant, and snack shack.  It was so relaxing.  The beach is by far one of my favorite places to be; it’s my happy place!

5 Travel Secrets for Family Road Trips
5 Travel Secrets for Family Road Trips
5 Travel Secrets for Family Road Trips


Save money on dining by booking a stay at a place that has a kitchen/kitchenette.  Going out to dinner/meals is nice, and one of my favorite parts about vacationing. Unfortunately,  you will end up spending too much money if you eat out for every meal.  This morning we had a big breakfast of pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, and watermelon.  We all got to sleep late instead of waking up early to get dressed and find a breakfast spot.  I think it’s so important to get plenty of rest while on vacation!

Book with a travel agent

If you haven’t noticed, I’m all about saving money!  If you book with a travel agent you will receive unbelievable savings for your trip.  I partner with Westgate Resorts and have the best price for your next get away! The luxurious Orlando resort is absolutely amazing and has every amenity you can think of such as a movie theatre, fishing/lake, huge water park, fitness center, grocery store, sports bar, and so much more!  Lots of families never even leave the property but if you are wanting to take your kids to Disney, there is a shuttle service that will take you there! Just click here to check out offers on Westgate Resorts located all over the world!

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What’s your family’s favorite place to travel? Would love to hear about it!

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