9 Quick Organization Tips for Kids

My life can be summed up as organized chaos because there’s always so much to do and there’s always places to be.  I’m surprised I find time to blog about it. Even my kids have busy little lives with their doctor’s appointments, dance competitions, school functions, and church.  

I look forward to getting home everyday so I can relax and regroup.  Home is my sanctuary and even with three kids running around, it is where I find my peace.  I like to keep my home clean and organized, and I encourage my kids to put the same effort into the upkeep of our home.  We’re working on it in different ways and I help promote organization and structure in our house.


Use a calendar/planner

I have a couple of calendars in my home.  One calendar is in Jaslene’s room, and the other one is right on the fridge where we can all see it everyday.  The calendar in the kitchen has reminders for the whole family to reference like dance practice, meetings, and upcoming vacations.  We all have so much going on it would be impossible to keep track without writing things down! The calendar in Jaslene’s room is tailored to her own schedule.  She is my oldest child and she is a competitive dancer and a fourth grader so she is responsible for filling in her calendar with important dates for dance and school.  I carry a personal planner in my purse where I write in bill due dates and deadlines. Noting calendars is a great way to keep life organized.

Use dry erase boards

Our calendars double as dry erase boards and we use colorful dry erase markers which is fun.  A plain dry erase board can serve many purposes, though. You could write important dates, love notes, affirmations, chores lists and customize it any way you’d like.

Make the most of your space with storage units and closet organizers

My home doesn’t have the biggest closet spaces, so I create additional space with storage units and organizers.  In Jaslene’s bedroom, she has two hanging shoe racks in her closet, a plastic tub, extra shelving, and plastic drawers where she puts miscellaneous items.  The plastic drawers add extra space for clothes, too!  Jaslene has the biggest closet in our home so we make the most of it; I even have some shoes in her closet!

Ways to get organized

Assign chores that involve sorting/organizing

My kids are responsible for helping with their laundry, which includes folding, sorting, and putting them away. My family goes through so much laundry every week so it’s really helpful when we all contribute on laundry days.  Another chore that involves sorting is putting the dishes away.

Create lists

Sometimes my kids and I make grocery lists together and they love giving their input.  They like to add things like marshmallows, an essential in our household. My daughters have chore lists as well which I talk about in “11 Chores for Kids Ages 6-11 that Teaches Responsibility”.  Other lists your kid(s) can assist with include household supplies or vacation check lists.

Find a work/study space

Right now we don’t have any desks in our home, but we do have a big kitchen table and that’s where we do our work.  I set up a workstation for my blogging and the kids complete their homework or find creative projects to do for fun.  

Prepare the night before

Preparing the night before teaches your kids time management skills.  I will be honest, sometimes my family still struggles with having everything prepared the night before.  Occasionally one of my daughters wastes 10 minutes in the morning looking for matching socks for school (our socks always disappear!) that’s why it’s important to have clothes already picked out.  But for the most part showers, homework, and lunch packing is all taken care of the night before.

Stick to a household schedule or routine

There is so much to cram into the few hours my family shares after we get home from work/school, and before bed.  When we come home we get comfortable, and the kids squeeze in play time between evening chores. While I cook dinner & multitask, my kids bathe themselves, clean their rooms, and make sure all their tasks are complete for school the next day. They probably call my name every 10 minutes or so for assistance.  We always eat dinner as a family at the table, around the same time every day. My kids also have the same bedtime during the week when they are in school.

Provide your kids with support and the tools

Parents create and enforce the structure we want our kids to have, so success starts at home.  We set the example of what organization looks like. We are the source of wisdom, encouragement, and accountability for our kids.  We are also the funding source for our children and provide in every way we can..

Find what works best for you

Staying organized is an important key to my family’s day to day success.  With multiple children plus bills and more bills, I live by calendars. And every few months its a must that I declutter my space and update our closets because my kids are constantly growing and outgrowing.  It’s important to me that my kids have some organization and structure in their lives, even when we feel like we are all over the place..

What’s your favorite way to keep things organized?  I would love to hear your ideas!


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