9 Spiritual Passages from The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

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The further I travel along my spiritual journey, the closer and more connected I feel to God.  I am learning to be more present in the moment, which is where I find joy, love, and peace. I was raised in the church and have always prayed to God, but over the past couple of years I have really experienced God for myself.  This experience has transformed my life.

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, was a powerful read and a great tool for my personal spiritual development.  The author is a spiritual teacher, and does an amazing job explaining how to free yourself from the mind and enter an enlightened state of consciousness.  A lot of people don’t know how to be more present, but this book teaches you how.  There were several passages that really stood out to me, and I have been discussing The Power of Now with a group of intellects joined together by FitUp book club here in Louisville, KY.  Naturally, I wanted to share some of these ideas and truths with the rest of the world…

FitUp Book Club

“The word God has become a closed concept” (Tolle, 29).

I completely agree with the author.  People who have never experienced the sacredness and omnipresence of God misuse the word so often.  The word God points to a mental image (white male) or mental idol which is limiting. The author states, “A belief may be comforting.  Only through your own experience, however, does it become liberating” (p. 31). Many people don’t realize how deeply God is rooted within our Being.  Tolle describes the word Being as a more open concept and uses that term throughout the book to describe the “eternal, ever present One Life”.  

“Enlightenment is not only the end of suffering and of continuous conflict within and without, but also the end of the dreadful enslavement to incessant thinking” (Tolle, 30).

Tolle describes enlightenment as a state of “wholeness”, therefore at peace.  If you fail to train your mind, it will use you as it’s slave. If left idle, it will repeat negative thoughts and continue to feed on fear.  Tolle suggests that you start listening to the voice in your head as much as you can, without judging or condemning what you hear. Observe your mind.  “The moment you start watching the thinker, a higher level of consciousness is activated” (p. 32)  When you realize you are not your mind, you begin to awaken.

“Pleasure is always derived from something outside of you, whereas joy arises from within” (Tolle, 45).

The author describes love, joy, and peace as deep states of Being which has no opposite.  Emotions are subject to the law of opposites however; so what gives you pleasure today could give you pain tomorrow.  Tolle provides the literal definition of emotion: disturbance.

“The secret of life is to ‘die before you die’ — and find that there is no death” (Tolle, 63).

The egoic mind identifies with things that are not really you: possessions, social status, physical appearance, relationships, religion, etc.  Tolle explains death as stripping away all of that is not you. What is left at the core of Being is eternal and ever present.

“Here is the key: End the delusion of time” (Tolle, 65).

Tolle describes the past and future as delusions, and time as an illusion.  Life is happening Now, and that is all there is

“The pollution of the planet is only an outward reflection or an inner psychic pollution: millions of unconscious individuals not taking responsibility for their inner space” (Tolle, 96).

This passage really left an impression on me.  Not only do people physically pollute air, land, and sea, which is harmful to Mother Earth, but individuals also pollute the collective human pysche by unconscious thinking.  It is our responsibility to heal and clear inner pollution through the art of inner work and connectedness.

“You can improve your life situation, but you cannot improve your life.  Life is primary. Life is your deepest inner Being. It is already whole, complete, perfect” (Tolle, 105).

What a beautiful reminder.  No explanation needed.

“Through the inner body, you are forever one with God” (Tolle, 135).

Tolle describes the outer body as illusory, like all other external forms which lack permanence.  He states the invisible inner body however, is the doorway into Being. If you can be in a state of permanent connectedness with your inner body, this will rapidly deepen and transform your life.

“Surrender is the simple but profound wisdom of yielding to rather than opposing the flow of life” (Tolle, 222).

Accept what is.  Let go of the past, stop anticipating the future, and be present in the Now.  Resistance to the flow of life is formed by the mind. Free yourself from the mind and allow what is to be.

I highly recommend The Power of Now to anyone who is ready to elevate.  The author’s zen tone throughout the book really kept me open to the message.  I hope you enjoyed some of my takeaways. Be sure to grab your copy today!

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