A Summary on Jen Sincero’s “You Are a Badass”

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So I have committed myself to reading one book per month in 2019, and You Are a Badass was my book for February.  This book was written by Jen Sincero, #1 New York Times Best selling author and success coach.  I Loved LOVED this book and felt like the author was speaking to my soul as I turned every page!  This #1 New York Times Best seller has sold over two million copies and is gaining popularity. I’m so excited to share a few key points from the book that you can make note of and carry with you, but ya gotta buy the book to get the full mind, body, and soul experience!


Sincero starts off by introducing two parts of the mind: the subconscious and the conscious.  The subconscious is shaped with our beliefs and sometimes our beliefs limit us from becoming our best selves.  The subconscious mind has been collecting and retaining information since birth and believes everything it receives.  It’s all about feelings and instincts and cannot filter what is true and what is not. A good illustration would be believing in Santa Claus as a child.  We simply believed in Santa because we were told he was real and accepted that as our truth.


The conscious mind, on the other hand, thinks its in control, racing from thought to thought and resting only during sleep.  It stores and processes our thoughts as we analyze, criticize, worry, etc. The conscious mind doesn’t fully develop until around puberty.  A lot of my “inner work” has included aligning my subconscious beliefs with the things and experiences I truly desire and think about in my conscious mind.  So I had to let go of many negative beliefs I had about money, relationships, myself, etc.


Sincero is very engaging throughout the book and she starts by asking you to notice the dysfunctional areas of your life so you can get down to some of the negative beliefs you have about yourself and the world around you.  Then she advises you to replace them with new, refreshing, positive beliefs and accept them as the honest to God truth. For example, instead of telling yourself “I have trust issues because men are liars”, tell yourself “there is an abundance of good honest men out here”.  The Law of Attraction is the basis for understanding how we are capable of manifesting our thoughts into reality. You can have anything that your heart desires once you become one with the universe. Master your mind, and take actionable steps to reach your goals.


Here are some of the book’s major highlights that will transform you into a badass!


  1. Love yourself.
  2. Vibrate at your highest frequency by believing everything you want is available to you and already exists.  We live in a loving and abundant universe and you have to remember that. Keep this belief strong by getting deeply connected to God/Source Energy/The Zone/The Universe/Allah, etc…
  3. Forgive yourself and others, sincerely and completely
  4. Keep greater FAITH than fear
  5. Practice meditation
  6. Eliminate bad habits and form habits that successful people have
  7. Write a manifesto that includes your goals and visions of your dream life and read it everyday.
  8. Repeat positive affirmations to yourself and practice self-love.  You must feel it and believe it though; You can’t fake it with the Universe!
  9. Free yourself from any negative feelings

You Are A Badass gives you mental exercises that help strengthen your mind which is another reason I love this book.  I went out and bought a journal, and wrote myself a money affirmation and a manifesto as prompted by Sincero.  I refer to it often to remind myself that I am a strong beautiful Queen, and I’m going to become a millionaire because money is abundant and so is the universe.  I’m grateful for what I have and what is to come. I repeat these kind of positive affirmations to myself everyday and it truly makes a difference for my mental health.


“Life is an illusion created by your perception, and it can be changed the moment you choose to change it.”  (Sincero, 152)


In other words, life is what you make it!  I have always been an ambitious girl destined for greatness and I speak everything I want into existence.  But I didn’t even realize the depth of this power I had until recently. I used to worry a lot because I’m an overthinker, but now thanks to Sincero, I am equipped with ways to turn my negative thoughts into positive ones, so that I can keep vibrating on my highest frequency.


Whether you want to lose 100 lbs, save $10,000, or marry the man of your dreams it’s all yours if you claim it.  Your mind is the most powerful tool you have so keep it sharp by reading everyday and meditating. I highly recommend reading You Are a Badass; Sincero is dropping all kinds of jewels in that book!


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