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Our Mission is to empower entrepreneurs, small business owners, freelancer, and creatives as well as equip them with the tools resources, and work environment they need to elevate their brand and business.

To build community and economic power by sharing a coworking space that promotes personal and business development as well as creative pursuit.

Our Members add tremendous value and diversity to the space, uniting entrepreneurs, freelancers, and service providers from various backgrounds, industries, and professions. Our coworking space is flexible, beautifully designed, and conveniently located in the heart of the city. The Presley Post is a vibrant space to host events, classes, podcasts, meetings, and more.

Meet The Founder

Jasmine PresleyCreative Director

Jasmine Presley, founder, creative director, is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, a wealth-building strategist, and founded The Presley Post April 2019 in heart of her hometown of Louisville, KY.  Jasmine, born and raised Louisvillian, graduated from The University of Louisville with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and is a licensed financial services and real estate expert. 

She is an advocate for homeownership, business ownership, and financial literacy. Helping elevate the families she serves by taking a holistic and analytical approach to her services which include; Life Insurance, Money Coaching, Financial Analytics, Investments, Retirement planning, Estate Planning, Home Buying & Selling, and Credit Repair has positioned her as a one stop shop for personal finance.

She believes that the lack of financial education taught in the traditional setting causes obstacles on the path to financial freedom. “I began blogging to document my own wealth building journey, share my own financial truths, and inspire others.” 

Jasmine hosts a series of workshops, seminars, and youth summits at The Presley Post. The Presley post Blog quickly captivated her audience and had a butterfly effect that rippled across communities throughout the city of Louisville.



There are parking meters, two paid lots, and a paid parking garage on 8th street. Monthly Passes are optional. 

These are the designated parking options when visiting The Presley Post. 

Do not park in the lot behind our building. This is a violation and your car WILL BE TOWED at your expense. NO EXCEPTIONS.

This lot is reserved for the law office upstairs and it is being watched.

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