Elevation Requires Separation

Is it just me or did this year FLY by?  As I look back on 2021, I am amazed by all that has transpired this year.  I lost my job in February and honestly it’s been up ever since!  Working from home with my kids during the pandemic really took a toll on my mental […]

9 Money Myths to Stop Believing Now

money myths

Many of us grew up poor and didn’t even know it until we became adults and inherited the financial struggle. I decided to break the cycle and get in the flow of money, and help my clients achieve the same.

5 Spiritual Practices that Reduce Anxiety

5 Spiritual Practices that Reduce Anxiety

I thought I defeated my anxiety, but 2020 has shown me that this is an ongoing battle. We’ve all been triggered so much this year, so make your mental health a priority.

Crystals, Sage, & Magic for Beginners


Many people wonder if crystals really have healing powers, but for those who have an open heart and mind, crystal healing is real and transformative. Do you believe in magic?

12 Positives to Focus on During Quarantine


The media is saturated with COVID 19 updates and it’s always the bad news that makes sensational headlines…but The Presley Post is committed to sharing good news. Here are 12 positives to focus on during quarantine…

How Millennials Will Break Generational Cycles of Poverty

how to escape poverty

Nearly 80% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck without a financial plan to get themselves out of the rat race. Just as a nurse writes up a care plan to improve a patient’s health, everyone should have a written plan to improve their financial wellbeing.