How to Unleash Your Unbridled Spirit

Kentucky is “The Bluegrass State”  filled with horse racing , bourbon, fancy hats, and just the right amount of southern charm. When you cross state lines into Kentucky the welcome sign says “Welcome to Kentucky, The Unbridled State”. According to the dictionary, unbridled means unrestrained. To me, unrestrained means free.  We often are restrained by […]

Therapy Is So Good It Hurts

2020 Broke Me The year 2020 started off with me living out one of my favorite dreams with one of my best friends and business partner. We made it! We were living out our dream of opening a mental health agency and had hired a dope team of individuals to work with us and make […]

7 Simple Ways to Overcome Seasonal Depression

Seasonal Depression typically occurs in individuals when the seasons shift from fall to winter. To put it simply, days get shorter and moods begin to decline. There is typically less interaction with individuals and we spend more time alone in our homes. Winter holidays are fun and merry but also a triggering time for many […]

Therapists Need Therapy, Too

Therapists Need Therapy, Too

Hey y’all! I am a 37 year old wife, mom , Licensed Counselor, Mindset Coach, & Speaker from Derby City. There’s no secrets to how I get it all done, I just believe in… well….YOLO! My life is busy with lots of friends , family time, schedules , fun, and what I like to call […]