5 Signs that You’re a Great Mom

How do I know if I'm a great mom

Motherhood is a privilege, but it can also be exhausting and not so fun at times. Sometimes single parenting feels like you are always coming up short. But you are enough!

What You Need to Know About Life Insurance

life insurance

Life insurance does so much more than offset funeral expenses when death occurs; it can also cover debts, final medical expenses, and it immediately creates an estate.  

How to Make Your Own Tie-Dye Shirt for Under $20

Follow these 5 easy steps to make your own tie-dye tshirt at home for un'der $20. Click here to read more on The Presley Post

My daughters and I learned how to make our own tie-dye shirts at home and had a blast doing it!  I talked a little about this project in “13 Family Rituals that Create Strong Bonds” but decided to make a step-by-step guide so you and your family could try this one day, too.  It took […]

13 Family Rituals That Create Strong Bonds

Out of all the things I do spending quality time with my family is the most sacred. Click here to read about 13 ways to make the most of family time...

Family means more to me than anything and I am so blessed and privileged to be a mom of three amazing kids.  I want to build a strong foundation for us and create memories we will never forget, so I make family time mandatory.  I live a very busy life consisting of work, motherhood, housework, […]


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