How to Access Capital for Your Business

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Accessing capital to start a business can be a challenging but essential step for entrepreneurs. Discover how Jasmine Presley successfully launched The Presley Post using personal savings, credit, and a clear vision. If you’re curious about various funding options, insider tips, and valuable resources, click to read more about this captivating journey

5 Recommendations for Properly Establishing Business Credit

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Building a strong business credit profile is crucial for long-term success. In this article, we provide 5 recommendations for establishing business credit. Open vendor trade lines, obtain a business credit card, secure small business loans or lines of credit, monitor and review credit reports, and maintain relationships with financial institutions. By following these recommendations and practicing responsible financial management, you can position your business for financial success.

9 Money Myths to Stop Believing Now

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Many of us grew up poor and didn’t even know it until we became adults and inherited the financial struggle. I decided to break the cycle and get in the flow of money, and help my clients achieve the same.

How Millennials Will Break Generational Cycles of Poverty

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Nearly 80% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck without a financial plan to get themselves out of the rat race. Just as a nurse writes up a care plan to improve a patient’s health, everyone should have a written plan to improve their financial wellbeing.

What You Need to Know About Life Insurance

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Life insurance does so much more than offset funeral expenses when death occurs; it can also cover debts, final medical expenses, and it immediately creates an estate.  

7 Cures for Being Broke: A Summary on “The Richest Man in Babylon”

Everyone wants to be rich, and it’s possible for us all if we put in the work to make it a reality.  So far on my journey to financial freedom, I have finished three books that teach the laws which govern money, including “The Richest Man in Babylon” by George Clason.  The laws that govern […]


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