How to Practice Self Care Using Massage Therapy

My personal growth journey is centered around spirituality, health & wellness, education, and self love & care.  It is important to practice self care whether that means setting boundaries, eating healthy or receiving services.  Massage therapy is really beneficial to incorporate into your self care routine and my new go to spot is Angel’s Therapeutic Massage.  Up until last weekend, I have never received a professional massage, but after the amazing service I received I have decided that I can budget and prioritize it once a month.  I’m going to share three reasons why you should check out this small business located in Louisville,KY like yesterday!

Angel's Therpauetic Massage
Photo Credit: Angel's Therapeutic Massage


I love meeting other professionals and business owners, so it was truly a pleasure to connect with Alice.  Alice is a licensed oncology massage therapist, licensed esthetician, and the face of Angel’s Therapeutic Massage.  When I arrived for my appointment, she was waiting in the lobby to greet me and I quickly noticed how calm and welcoming she was.  She led me to her suite and really helped me relax before receiving my massage and facial. She started by asking me questions related to any concerns I have about my skin, to help create a solid regime for when I return for additional services.  She was on schedule and even gave me a choice to pick the music which played softly in the background.

Angel's Therapeutic Massage
Meet Alice, Angel's Therapeutic Massage

Overall Experience

Alice’s gift is her hands, so her motto “It’s All in the Hands” fits her business perfectly.  As I was laying there getting my massage, I felt so relaxed. She used essential oils and focused on my neck and shoulders which helped to loosen so much tension I had.  I loved how Alice reminded me to pay attention to my breaths, instructing me to breathe in and out slowly. Focus on breathing helps bring you back to your center so I appreciated this aspect of my session.  She used hot stones during my massage which feels so amazing! She also took really great care of my skin, and left my face feeling clean and moisturized. Alice has created a very tranquil environment for her customers.  I’m excited to go back and practice more self care!

Angel's Therapeutic Massage

Specialized Services

Angel’s Therapeutic Massage offers various services, including spa parties, sports massage, prenatal massage, waxing, body treatments, lash extensions, facials, manual lymphatic drainage, and more.  A lymphatic drainage massage encourages lymph fluids to move around the body to reduce swelling and inflammation, and the fluid in the lymphatic systems helps remove waste and toxins from bodily tissues.  Lymphatic drainage therapy may be suggested to those who have undergone cosmetic surgery. All of Alice’s services are affordable and some bookings even include wine and mimosas!

Please take into consideration that we have one life that we live through one body.  So it’s important to care good care of it. Facials and massage therapy is a great way to make time for some TLC.

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Angel’s Therapeutic Massage is conveniently located at 105 Lyndon Lane in Louisville, KY.  Alice’s availability is very accommodating and appointments can be booked at  Be sure to tell her that The Presley Post sent you!


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