How to Unleash Your Unbridled Spirit

Kentucky is “The Bluegrass State”  filled with horse racing , bourbon, fancy hats, and just the right amount of southern charm. When you cross state lines into Kentucky the welcome sign says “Welcome to Kentucky, The Unbridled State”. According to the dictionary, unbridled means unrestrained. To me, unrestrained means free

We often are restrained by so many things: people, time, our mind, relationships, negative thoughts, dead end jobs, finances , self doubt, and so many other things. The funny thing is that all they are is just things. Most of these “things” just pull us down and prevent us from unleashing our full potential in our lives. 

The magical thing is we are the only ones who hold the key to unleash the spirit inside us. We can choose to be an unbridled spirit and let go of all the things that put a restraint on us. We can choose to take small steps or even big steps to create the life that we are truly meant to live. For each of us, it will look different, that’s what makes us unique. I am confident we each have that unbridled spirit within us, we just have to have the courage to unleash it into the world.  

Here are 3 simple steps to help you unleash the bridled spirit within yourself:

Protect Your Peace

Protecting your peace starts with setting boundaries. This means setting boundaries for yourself and creating boundaries with other people. Boundaries help us create and maintain healthy relationships with ourselves and others. A time of reflection or journaling is always good to evaluate the relationships and roles of people who are in your life. Pay attention to how you feel after spending time with certain people in your life. Begin to set simple boundaries on how you show up for people or on what people are allowed to say to you. You will want to be calm when setting boundaries with the people in your life. Be consistent when enforcing your new boundaries. Always remember that boundaries are intended to be a way to care for yourself. You deserve the best always. 

Believe in Yourself

Believing in yourself is one of the most crucial steps in living your most  authentic life. Only you have the power to manifest the live you have always dreamed of living. That starts with self love and believing you are worthy to live the life you desire. Start with an affirmation or a series of affirmations that you say out loud everyday. I would suggest making it part of your morning routine or setting a pop up reminder on your phone that repeats daily.

Level Up

Just go for it! The business you have been waiting to launch.. Go for it! The career change… go for it? The vacation… go for it? I have watched so many women in my network level up over the past couple of years and it has been so inspiring to watch the transformation and growth. I have seen time, consistency, dedication, and success. I have also seen fear, reluctance, and doubts. All of these were key factors when it came to women making the commitment to LEVEL UP! All of these women with fear of the unknown and overwhelming thoughts of possibilities of failure decided that they wanted more out of life. Even bigger, they acted on their dreams and never gave up. It is easy to give up when things in life get hard. Easy to throw your hard work away and let the negative cycles take over. When you choose to LEVEL UP , fear goes away because you become in control of your future. This is your beautiful year, let’s LEVEL UP!

I am challenging all of my readers to unleash your bridled spirit in 2022. I would love to hear from all of you on what your intent is for the new year and what steps you plan to take  to create the life that you were always meant to live.

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