Therapy Is So Good It Hurts

2020 Broke Me

The year 2020 started off with me living out one of my favorite dreams with one of my best friends and business partner. We made it! We were living out our dream of opening a mental health agency and had hired a dope team of individuals to work with us and make an impact in our community. Then overnight, my whole world changed and I had to pivot.  I lost all control of everything I knew to be true.  A national pandemic sweeped our country , the world shut down, we were isolated from people and things we loved , however I kept going. As a helping professional, we often have to keep going because it’s the commitment we made when choosing this type of profession. It became an instant, selfless choice to prioritize my business, staff, community, and clientele. Then, racial injustices were occurring all across the nation and Louisville became a headline on every news station. Breonna Taylor was killed in her home due to injustice which resulted in widespread fear, panic, protests, and left a community that will never be the same again. I remember crying alone for fear of my husband, my kids, my friends, and even myself. I remember sitting at the kitchen table wondering how to answer the questions of my children as they sat there so innocently about the world that they would have to face ahead of them. I remember again still pushing forward and not acknowledging my own feelings because I had to be strong. The combination of a national pandemic and surge of racial injustices increased the need for mental health services nationwide especially within the black community. Oftentimes as helpers or the “strong” one , we feel as though we have to put our own feelings and emotions second. With the above scenarios, it felt like there was no other option at the time, then to keep surviving. When a trauma occurs, our reaction happens naturally almost as seamlessly as a heartbeat. As individuals, we either fight, flight , or freeze. We survive. We survive  through the perception of threats whether they are real or perceived to our own safety. 

2020 Broke Me….How did I not know…..

2021 Opened My Eyes

2021 was supposed to be different , a year filled with hope that we were moving onward and upward from a year of chaos. However, 2021 was disappointing. It became the year that gave me time to set back and process everything that I had been through over the previous year. Honestly, it became the year that I looked back on a lot of years. As I mentioned , in my first blog post, I started therapy in October 2021. I woke up one day and months of emotions hit me all at once. I cried to my husband and blurted out “ I am not okay”. I made the decision at that moment that I could no longer go on pretending, hiding, avoiding what was really going on within myself.  I knew that I needed to take the first step to heal and grow. Mental health matters. 2021 opened my eyes that I was no exception to the overwhelming symptoms better known as depression and anxiety. 

Therapy has been absolutely life changing for me. Therapy has helped me sort out all of my thoughts and feelings, untangle them and see them so clearly. Therapy has taught me to sit still and feel. Feel all the feels…. the good , the bad, the uncomfortable, all of it. I am not really good with being uncomfortable.  If we’re being honest , I don’t think most of us are. I am a therapist, a wife, a woman, a mom who struggles with her own childhood trauma, anxiety, self esteem, and all of the things we don’t like to admit to ourselves or the world. Throughout this struggle, I lost myself and how to be in tune with my own feelings because most of the time I am more focused on the feelings of everyone else. I am learning to own my own feelings, whether good or bad, they are mine right. And guess what!? It is okay to feel.  This ownership of my feelings has sparked a renewed sense of self, beauty, and confidence.  Since I was a child, I never had a voice. I felt like something was always holding me back. Much thanks to my dope a$$ therapist,  I have found my voice. I have found my worth. I have found a way to fall in love with myself and choose me first even when it is messy. This isn’t an easy journey , it’s actually one of the hardest things I have ever put myself through. You see, to be honest with yourself doesn’t come without pain and discomfort. My therapist and I came up with the saying “therapy hurts so good”. I couldn’t think of a better way to describe it but it has been worth every sleepless night, long talks to my girlfriends , and tears shed to becoming the realest version of myself. 2021 taught me to stop pretending, ignoring , and avoiding. 2021 taught me to open my eyes, use my voice, and choose my happiness above all.

2022 I’m Coming Back…Rising Like a Phoenix

My 2022 horoscope says that I am going to be reborn; experience some kind of death of my old self and rise into individuality. My purpose for 2022 is to rise like a phoenix by prioritizing my own mind , body, and soul above anything else. I have spent 37 years living for what’s best for other people . It is one of my best character traits but often comes with suppressing my own desires and happiness. I vow this year to be intentional and to love me first. I recognize that making myself a priority will make many other areas of my life much simpler. Life should be simple. I deserve to be happy. It is my time to rise and I am so here for it! I’m excited and curious to see what the next year brings! 

If you are reading this, please know that you deserve this to be your best year yet. Make the time to sit down, set goals for you and you only, and commit to how you will stay true to yourself and your personal growth during 2022. How are you going to RISE? 


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